Our Activities


Emmanuel College provides several extracurricular activities for our students.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

There are two well functioning units of National Service Scheme (NSS). The aim of the National Service Scheme is to help the student community to mould their personality and develop leadership qualities and become good citiziens through committed service to and interaction with the Society.

The sunctioned strength of volunteers at our College is 250. After Successful Completion of two years service under the scheme a volunteer is entitiled to a certificate by the University of Kerala. The certificate enables the volunteer to get an additional credit of 30 marks for competitive examinations and 5 to 15 marks in admission to higher classes. The various sub activities of our NSS units are:

  • a) Nature club
  • b) Bood Donars forum.

Women's Cell

Aims at the social welfare and academic progress of the girl students. The cell envisages to conduct seminars, debates, discussions, counselling, etc to generate awareness of social problems and to empower girl students to overcome them.


AICUF is a students organization working among the University students. AICUF organizes Leadership Training programmes, Exposure Camps, Social Analysis, Research and Study programmes etc. to bring out the hidden talents of students and enable them to take up leadership in the society.

Subject Associations

Students represantatives elected as Subject Association Secretaries will organize lectures, seminars, debates, etc related to their main subject of study under the guidance of their staff coordinators.

Sports Club

Aims at developing the athletic skills of the student community and to cultivate true sports man spirit. Competition in various events will be conducted. Prizes for the winners will be awarded on the "College Day" and the best performers will be considered for the inter collegiate competitions.

Arts Club

Arts Club organizes various programmes and cultural events to facilitate the development of the artistic talents of the students.

Literary Club

Literary Club organizes periodical debates, elocution competitions and other literary events in English and Malayalam with a view of developing the literary skills of the students community.

College Magazine

The college magazine is published once a year. During the third term, it is issued to all students and staffs.

House Activities

Proved a healthy completive spirit amoung the students as a whole. The student community and teaching faculty of the college are divided into four different houses.