BA English and Communicative English


Bachelor of Arts English and Communicative English

Basical information

  • Duration 3 years

What you learn

Language is a powerful tool of expression. English Language has got a momentum now a days. Hundreds of millions of people use English everyday & everywhere in the world. No long has ever before been put to use so massively in many places, in print, on paper, on screen, electronic, network and multimedia. English is the lingua-franca of airports ,major hotels, of civil aviation and the shipping lanes. Moreover, it is the leading language of science, medicine ,technology and academic pursuits. Here, lies the importance of studying communicative English in contemporary Society.

Job opportunities

As a universal language English opens a window to the world and it is considered as passport to employment.


Candidates with a pass mark in Plus Two/VHSE are eligible to join in the B.A. English Language and Literature Degree Programme.