IQAC Policies

The IQAC is responsible for developing and implementing mechanisms and procedures to ensure continuous improvement in the following areas:

Framework for policies, vision and core values: 

Description of the vision and mission of every unit of the college in tune to the institutional goals, ingraining values, ethics, social inclusivity and equitable measure in the core values in order to bring out significance in the institutional ethos are the primal priorities of the iqac.

Well-organized documentation practices and analysis of performance:

Documentation is done continuously. The process of documentation, the time and source of its collection are important factors that determine the credibility of the assessment of performance. Ensuring continual improvement of quality management systems:  Catalyzing the management system of every unit of the college to develop an automated, consistent and enhanced data management system.

Quality initiatives need quality conscious people: 

Towards enhancing the competency of the faculty and empowering them to be leaders of the academic and administrative system, the management provides opportunities to acquire new skills, innovate and adopt to technological advancements that are recent and helps to transform the workspace. Promotion of free exchange of ideas and opportunities for experiential learning by visiting premier institutions in india and by upskilling teachers, administrative staff and support staff to the changing landscape of academic ecosystem are the practices adopted.

A functional system:

The systems and standards set are revisited, improved and are made effective year after year.

Outcome rather than output: 

Departments are motivated and guided to focus on the outcome of the schemes and programmes they plan rather than merely conducting events and show output. Meaningful, impactful events and programmes that cater the needs of the target group and contribute to the overall growth of the departments are being executed.

Quality rather than quantity: 

The iqac promotes a culture of executing quality programmes and initiatives/measures that render overall development. Departments and various divisions are encouraged to organize programmes that are part of their developmental plan and not to overburden themselves with too many events.

Collaboration and networking: 

Promotion of a shared learning and collaborative spirit with neighboring institutions for gaining new knowledge, adaptation of latest technologies towards quality steps are part of the institutional best practices.

Quality sustenance mandates adaptation to change.

The iqac prepares and sets an environment in the institution that accepts change.