Objectives & Functions


  • Encourages teaching, learning and research in the academic setting.
  • To inspires the planning of academic and administrative programs as well as the development of quality circles.
  • Serves as the central organization for organizing and recording all activities regarding quality.
  • Ensuring that the necessary resources and services are allocated, maintained and adequate.
  • Examining the feedbacks and implementing for the institution’s improvement.


  • Ensuring quality of teaching-learning skills, infrastructural facilities.
  • Coordinating the upkeep of an institutional database to improve quality and conduct audits.
  • Establish a learner-centered environment to support faculty development and high quality instruction.
  • Creation and upkeep of an institutional database using MIS in order to preserve and improve the institution’s policy.
  • Optimization and incorporation of contemporary teaching, learning and assessment techniques.
  • Organizing forums for institutional strategic planning.