Emmanuel college library have the basic responsibility of providing the collection resources and services to the students and faculty of our institution. The mission is to provide college students with the information they need to achieve their highest academic potential and help them acquire research skills necessary for lifelong learning. To support our staff to participate in interactive information to exchange educational community.  


Library has a collection over 18000+ books, 15+ journals and 4 newspapers. Our special collection includes project reports, thesis, old question papers and CD ROMs. We have a good collection of reference books which includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, thesaurus, atlases, foreign language books etc.


 Automated library system provides efficiency in all library operations. Organization based library software enhance user searching, circulation activities and online cataloguing. Internet browsing facility is available for staff and students. Systematically organized well furnished reading room is one of the attractions.


 A student can have 2 books at a time for a loan period of one week and staff can have 5 books for a period of 2 weeks. After the due date fine amount of Rs.1 per day is collected. Library will be open for 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on all working days.