Programme Education Objectives(PEO)

PEO1: Graduates will describe a range of literary techniques and rhetorical strategies used in texts, including their relationship to audience, purpose and cultural context.

PEO2: Graduates will be able to recognize poetry from a variety of cultures,languages and historic periods. Analyze the various elements of poetry, such as diction, tone, form, genre, imagery, figures of speech, symbolism, theme, etc.

PEO3: Graduates will showcase leadership qualities and diverse learning by cultivating versatile skills of teamwork, morality, ethics, communication and analytical skills.

PEO4: To empower graduates for employment in the fields of translation,content writing, teaching and orient them for research and higher studies.


Programme Specific Outcomes(PSO)

PSO1: Students will be trained to acquire proficiency in English and mastery in language skills

PSO2: Students will be able to express themselves in creative writing and interpret new texts.