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Welcome to the Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce was established with a visionary outlook in 1995, the Department has flourished into a beacon of academic excellence and innovation. Originally rooted in a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) program computer application the department has since blossomed, offering a rich tapestry of educational pathways. Today, it proudly boasts five distinct streams: Finance, Cooperation, Computer Application, Tourism and Travel Management, and Tax Procedure and Practice. The departments commitment to holistic education is further evidenced by its offering of a Master of Commerce (M.Com) degree, with a nuanced focus on Finance. A dedicated cadre of 22 esteemed faculty members infuses every lecture, seminar, and interaction with a passion for knowledge and mentorship. This nurturing environment fosters the growth and development of approximately 900 students each year, shaping them into not just skilled professionals, but also thoughtful contributors to society. The Department of Commerce stands as a testament to the transformative power of education, providing students with the tools to navigate the complexities of the modern world while instilling in them a profound sense of purpose and integrity.

Our victory is assured; nothing can stop us. The department of Commerce rose from very humble beginnings in 1995 and reached the pinnacle of success. Today it is the biggest department of the college catering to more than 800 students. The mulitidimensional changes in the education and business scenario attracted youth to opt for commerce and management field.


To impart academic excellence globally in the field of commerce, banking, finance, accountancy , computer applications, co-operation, taxation, tourism , management and related fields through a value based education and with a holistic concern for better life in a sustainable way.


  •  To carve a niche for ourselves in the specialized field of Commerce and to become worthy professional with social consciousness and commitment.
  •  To nurture the students with social values, entrepreneur skills and advanced technologies to meet the challenges in the business world.
  •  To develop a passion for creative learning and to dwell in possibility
  •  To provide best possible human resource for sustainable development of society in the areas of Commerce and Management.

Head of the Department